• Fundamentals Of Disaster Recovery

    Every disaster is unique and unpredictable, and the ensuing recovery process must be tailored to the needs of the specific disaster and its location while complying with the regulations of the federal, state, and local governing agencies. [...]


James Sohn


James has over 22 years of experience in public sector operations, maintenance and construction. He has served as the Principal Program Manager, Housing Programs, for New York State’s Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR), successfully providing Planning, Program Design, Audit Support, Construction Management, Financial Controls and Invoice processing. James was instrumental in assisting Puerto Rico in development, quality assurance, production, back ground data collection and communication of its congressional request for $94 Billion Dollars delivered on Monday November 13, 2017.

Michael Kuehn


An expert at implementing both customized and best of breed technology solutions, Mike has developed and implemented software systems to track and manage over $30 billion in capital improvement projects.

He has led development efforts from the requirements analysis phase through to maintenance and closeout, providing a complete overview of the technology life cycle.

Marco Principato

Operations Manager

Marco is an accomplished and motivated Operations Manager with nearly nine years in the Financial Services industry and a robust background in asset management operations, customer service, team building and leadership.

Possessing a strong grasp of Cash Management, Banking, Retail Brokerage and Institutional Accounts, Marco is always focused on maintaining high standards of quality and accuracy.

Melissa Deowdhat

Financial Analyst

An experienced researcher with the analytical and critical thinking skills required to examine large volumes of data, Melissa possesses the ability to assess risk quantitatively and qualitatively by identifying risk exposures and vulnerabilities of a company.

Pushpa Piyatissa

Senior Project Manager

Pushpa is an experienced Senior Project Manager also possessing over 15 years’ experience as a civil litigator, compliance counsel, and government contractor. She is skilled in Contracts Management, Negotiations, Legal Compliance, Regulatory Compliance, Audit Support, Creditors’ Rights, and General Litigation.

Louis Tam

Project Manager

Louis brings to the team experience based upon corporate and project environments, business/project analysis and international business components. Louis’s diverse skillset has allowed him to serve the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery in both Program Analyst and Program Manager roles.