Winsor utilizes both traditional and innovative approaches and methodologies to deliver project management support to its public clients.   There are three main traditional elements to this approach:

  • Data driven analytics – measurement of results to drive culture and production
  • Carefully crafted and executed tasking of both internal staff as well as outside vendors
  • Customer support and communications

Winsor innovations seem traditional in name, but in their implementation provide a uniquely Winsor product that has served its clients’ interests, including:

  • Recruitment, training and care of the whole team member
  • Pre-emptive action and predictive strategies to the needs of the client
  • Compliance and closeout of functions, programs and projects that anticipate the enormous burden of audit, document controls and reporting.

Call Center

The call center is at the front line, interacting with the public daily.  Protecting the interest of applicants and the program requires that messaging from agents is uniform and communication is delivered in a consistent way, aligned with program goals.  Policy and procedures reduce risk exposure to any potential violation of NDAs, program commitments, maintaining service levels, and a seamless applicant experience.

In New York and the Virgin Islands, Winsor has demonstrated the ability to organize, train and deploy a high volume call center capable of receiving up to 100 calls per hour with state of the art VOIP telephony and minute by minute metrics reporting. Utilizing the additional services of web chat and text to support real-time support. Winsor has developed predictive metrics that uses historical data to model call center demand and volume.

Case Management is one of the most important facets to ensuring program success due to the daily interaction with the applicant base.  Selecting and training of Housing Specialists staff, along with providing timely updates to any new or changing policies and arming our Specialists with the best understanding of documentation requirements, including examples, will decrease any frustrating encounters with applicants.  Providing multiple avenues for communication with the applicant base and storing all applicant documentation and information in one system of record will also decrease potential escalations.

Fluency with necessary application and intake processes are among Winsor’s greatest strengths.  We have been intimately involved in the development of the applicant eligibility, intake and processing procedures in New York, Louisiana, and the Virgin Islands where, in each location, our subject matter experts have helped craft applicant eligibility criteria, application materials, and guidelines to achieve stated National Objective goals, among other items, all with a focus on what the State or Federal Agency will require from program applicants for applicants’ files to be closed out and for the Program to be in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Application Process (Paper and Online)

Winsor is well versed in providing the appropriate application process for a constituency of applicants that will include both psychologically and financially vulnerable populations. Applicants must be given the flexibility to either apply for funding via an online portal or by filling out a paper application. Winsor’s training includes how to effectively develop relationships necessary to streamline the intake and application process. Housing Specialists will assist applicants via call center and a user-friendly online portal. Portal and website maintenance is supported through a dedicated team of system administrators and developers. Front end development or the user interface is maintained and changed as the program requirements change. Written correspondence is supported by system branded templates and supported communications that can automate personalized details as required.

Automated Award Calculations

Winsor’s experience in developing automated data feeds as early as possible is critical to allow for accurate and rapid award calculation and disbursement of funds. The most current and relevant data and documents collected by case managers is entered into a purpose-built secure CRM system. From there it is aggregated, cleaned, and combined with Award data from the grant system and historical transactions data to produce a variable, project milestone driven payment schedule using a flexible business logic maintained by subject-matter experts and project managers. This payment schedule is then presented to the case managers in a dashboard to convey the information to applicants and project managers to produce the requisite checks.

Winsor has been called upon by Public Agency clients to develop Standard Operating Procedures to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations, while adhering to the Agency’s carefully crafted policies and procedures. One of Winsor’s most valuable assets is the fine-tuned ability to understand and quickly execute and implement a program policy. Winsor provides support to Policy teams and assists in determining if new pathways can be developed which will achieve a positive outcome for the applicant, while still ensuring eligibility for the expenditure of State or Federal funds.

IT Support and Reporting – Solutions That Provide Measurable Results

Delivering systems and software on time and on budget is only part of the IT challenge.  Making sure that systems solve the right problem, are easy to learn, and are flexible enough to maintain are also vital development and planning goals.

Winsor provides a dedicated team available to resolve all IT issues and is fully prepared to support by providing analysis and implementation expertise to rapidly and effectively roll out and maintain systems for call centers and case management intake centers. We provide reliable and actionable data, tracked and based on the system of record.  This team understands that the rapidly changing nature of government programs means metrics and reports that are of key importance will change on a regular basis, requiring a flexible and rapid development approach.


Winsor’s project managers and principles have worked on over $20 billion dollars’ worth of projects across the US, from mobilizing immediately following Hurricane Sandy to delivering closeout of cases in a FEMA complaint manner, Winsor achieves consistent results.

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